Midori Park 63 ha townhouse complex in Binh Duong

Midori Park 63 ha townhouse complex in Binh Duong

Midori Park Binh Duong New City

MIDORI PARK, with total area of 63ha ( including 40 ha of construction area)  is the largest area in Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City that BECAMEX TOKYU will be developed in Binh Duong New City. Besides high-rise apartment buildings, this area also contains low-rise apartments such as villas, garden houses and townhouses. 

The concept of the area is ” Living in the Green” and ” MIDORI” means ” Green” by Japanese. The special feature of this area will be wonderful living enviroment: residents and live close to nature, enjoy cool shade of green forest, beautiful sunshine, and sound of water flowing. 

In MIDORI PARK, BECAMEX TOKYU highly value the concept ” Improvement with Aging”

This concept means that the town will grown up in long time such as animals or plants; like trees will become woods and forests. Together with development of the town, relationships among people living in will be more tightended, place for communications among them will be created and after decades, the town will become spiritual hometown for children grown up there.

We do not only develop a beautiful and convenient town for residents now, but also provide growing up in which residents feel valuable to live, and that value will be added as it aged 5 years, 10 years and more…

For more information please follow the followings link

SORA  GARDENS : http://binhduongapartment.com/property-type/can-ho-sora-gardens/

MIDORI PARK:      http://binhduongapartment.com/property-type/nha-pho-midori-park/


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