SORA Gardens 1 bedroom unit

  • 1 PN
  • 1 WC
  • 68 m2
  • Tầng:
  • Cửa chính:
  • Phòng khách:

Mô tả chi tiết

SORA Gardens 1 bedroom unit bring the most convenient amenities for the single business traveller or the small young family.

Binh Duong Apartment proud to present to you SORA Gardens 1-bedroom-unit, which  is suitable for young couple, business man, business woman. We offer the full service of cleaning, swimming pool, gym, convinience strore, restaurant, bus transportation between Binh Duong New City and Thu Dau Mot town.

At SORA Gardens, the 1-bedroom-unit is quite big. It is very comfortable for a large living room cause we have kitchen and living room combine together to create a unique design.

 Located at the gateway of Binh Duong New City, SORA gardens include three mixed use residential areas with nice curves design which will very soon become the symbol of the New City.

The concept behind SORA gardens is making a precious dream of life come true-like living in the sky. Residents and business people will enjoy wonderful garden spaces within each development, while also being embraced by the abundant green of the Binh Duong New City. High quality service and management of the development will be provided for residents in Japanese style. Living at “SORA gardens”, the residents will enjoy the convenience for all expected amenities.

This consists of two 24-storey-buildings, offering mixed retail and residential spaces, with an area of 9,082sqm (square meter) comprising 404 units. The high-quality living space brings the best of contemporary and traditional, Vietnamese and Japanese lifestyle. Residents will find it easy to choose their dream apartment, because the range of designs and sizes offered is extensive-from 70sqm to over 100sqm, and with penthouse sizes.

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